Jeffery Ralston
Lead Pastor


I was born in Fayetteville Arkansas. I was raised in the Ozark Mountains by loving parents--we were not rich by any means…but we certainly were not poor. I grew up in a strong Pentecostal environment. I am a product of faith and sacrifice. I grew up in the country. My brother and I rode horses for miles and fished every day.


My Family

I met my wife, Shelly, at the Arkansas camp meeting. She is beautiful lady with an amazing personality… However, before I ever saw her, I heard her singing and fell in love. Shelly and I, started traveling as a couple and developed some of the more amazing memories of my life. One night we were on the road traveling from one state to another going to preach in a new city. We stopped very late at Cracker Barrel to get a bite to eat. We had very little money. Upon leaving we were told that someone paid for our meal including the tip. We didn't know anybody in town we had just pulled off interstate to get a bite to eat. We've always had angels all around us… But during that time we saw them often. Abigail, Nicholas, Luke and Levi make up my immediate family. Abigail, Nicholas, Luke and Levi all have unique personalities that reflect their mother and myself. I enjoy reflecting on that aspect of who they are, however, their own uniqueness makes everyday an adventure.


Why I do what I do

I will never forget when I felt the Lord called me to preach the Gospel. I was in an old Sunday school room praying and suddenly I was so overwhelmed by the "lost" that I felt sick and fearful. I had to do something and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to trust and do what I already knew to do and the rest would come. 


I am proud of the identity that our church possesses. We have maintained spiritual integrity in a culture that is constantly shifting. In addition, we have upheld our doctrines while maintaining a passion for the many un-churched in the Lake Charles community.


My goal is to maintain the voice of God and to bring honor to Him in all things. I desire to see First Pentecostal Church grew in both numbers and spiritual depth. I desire to see as many as possible among our youth remain connected to our faith.

Jeffery Ralston