Glyn and Jill Bogard
Membership Life Pastors

Settlement:  Jill and I were both born and raised in Lake Charles, LA.  I grew up in a modest home in the center of town. When I was growing up, Lake Charles had the feel of a small community.  I remember playing outside and running around the neighborhood with my friends. I had an Alaskan husky as a pet and I felt at times she could literally read my emotions like a book.  I could have a bad day and when I walked into the yard she was there meeting me with her head low being very sensitive to what was going on. I enjoyed riding bicycles, building forts and getting into the mischief that most young boys get into.  I really enjoyed playing kickball growing up and we played it almost every day through elementary school. I rode the bus to Sunday school at Apostolic Temple church in Lake Charles.  Later, I attended Living Way Pentecostal and grew up there. I received the Holy Ghost under the pew at Apostolic Temple.  I remember the powerful moves of God we used to experience as a child growing up.


My Family: I met my wife, Jill at church.  We started out as friends and our relationship grew till we were married.  She was and still is my best friend and I trust her with my life and the life of our children. We have two daughters, Nichole, and Baylee.  We are also the proud grandparents of Kenson and Karlee.  

Why I Do What I Do:  When you have a call of ministry on your life you can’t run far enough from it.  I was called when I was eight years old.  I ran a while and realized I could not out run God.  He knows what is best.  Now I just want to serve him with my whole heart, body and mind and not limit what he can do through me.  I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I have been outreach pastor at First Pentecostal church for four and a half years.  


I am also a commercial pilot and pilot instructor.  I am co-owner of Plane Simple.  Jill and I are honored to be a part of the ministry team at First Church. It's awesome to see lives changed, the sick being healed, and the broken being mended. 

Glyn and Jill Bogard