Jerod & Shelli Grissom
Associate Pastor

Point of Origin:  Birthed in Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes there really is a Kalamazoo) and reared in Florence, Alabama.


I go home to:  My friend and lover Shelli and three wonderful children, Alayna; the princess given to us from heaven, Kyle; the early riser who want's coffee milk first thing, and Mya; smiles with an attitude.


My inspiration comes from: Where do I begin?  Every message I heard preached all my life from Youth Camps to church services. My Mom and Dad, the ones who brought me into this world and have prayed so many prayers for me.  My friend and leader of our great team, Jeffery Ralston.  My mentor and truly a man of great character, Harry Sommers.


My Hobbies: Hunting in Colorado, fishing in and around Louisiana, Frogging, running and marathon training.


My Passion: One of my biggest passions is leading God’s Church and helping others find out what the “God life” is all about.

Jerod & Shelli Grissom